Bangkok’s Pink Unicorn Café

This unicorn café in Bangkok is literally like something straight out of a dream. It’s the most weirdly magical café I’ve ever been been in! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that somewhere like this exists because it literally looks like there’s been an explosion of all things unicorn, rainbows and glitter. With pastel unicorns painted from floors to ceilings, the artwork – along with everything else – is incredibly mesmerising. It basically looks like the owners asked a 6 year old to describe her dream home and then they took everything she said and turned it into a café!




The interior couldn’t have been any more spot on when keeping with the unicorn theme. They have a multitude of plush leather sofas and sitting chairs in colours such as gold, pink and blue. Chandeliers and spot lights hang from the ceiling to make the place scream ‘glitter’ and they even have a couple of lovely unicorn statues to make it feel even more like a pink unicorn wonderland. unicorn16

unicorn17If the interior wasn’t enough, the café is home to an abundance of unicorn teddies and ‘My Little Pony’ collectables. Incase you hadn’t guessed, everywhere you look you will see unicorns. I’ve no idea how I managed to convince my boyfriend to come here with me,  but like everybody else, curiosity got the better of him and he actually really enjoyed it! unicorn18

unicorn20.jpgBut that’s not all. Bangkok’s unicorn café takes it further than you could ever imagine. They have a separate changing area up the back of the shop with a rack full of unicorn onesies. I mean, if you’re going to spend the afternoon surrounded by all things unicorn, you may as well dress up as one, right? Although they have things for sale, you don’t have to pay to wear these and you simply hang it back on the rail once you’re finished with it. You wear these over your clothes- a bit of a relief because I assume they get worn hundreds of times a week by all different people (inner germaphobe coming out).unicorn13



As you can probably guess by the name ‘unicorn café,’ this isn’t just a place to go for a quick photo opportunity and then leave. They actually have a number of different menu’s which stick to the unicorn theme. We only got a slush because we were going out for a meal that night and the colourful spaghetti gave me the fear a bit but I do wish we got a nice unicorn desert too!





It was quite difficult to find this café as it’s down a side street! Our taxi driver didn’t even know where he was going and dropped us off a 10 minute walk away from it. The locals also did;t know where it was, either that or they couldn’t understand us, so we were continuously sent us in the wrong direction! I have this note with the directions that another taxi driver wrote for us so if you’re ever in Bangkok and want to go, you could always show them this as it’s written in lovely Thai writing.


The unicorn café should definitely be one for the bucket list! It’s one of the many wonderfully strange things that Bangkok has to offer. Even if unicorns aren’t your thing, it’s bound to be a fun and amusing afternoon. I loved it because it’s an environment that’s completely out of my comfort zone and is the opposite of what I would deem to be ‘normal.’ The interior, decor, food and even atmosphere is about as far from normality as possibly but that’s what makes it so magical!





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