How to Make a Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Nothing makes me feel better than waking up in the morning and making a healthy breakfast- it’s probably my favourite meal of the day. Sometimes I actually get excited to go to sleep so that I can have a good breakfast when I wake up haha!

Homemade smoothies are so much better for you than ones you buy from the shops because there’s no added sugar. Because fruit is filled with natural sugar, you can tailor make your smoothie depending on how healthy you want it to be (for example adding kale or spinach in the place of more fruit). I usually add nuts like almonds and walnuts, chia seeds and dried coconut so that my smoothie has protein and  is a source of healthy fats.

My smoothies are usually berry based as I prefer that flavour, but I always make sure to add in banana, apple, and/or orange if there’s lots of berries to take away some of the sweetness. Although there’s none in the below image, I now make sure there is always one or two bags of frozen berries in my freezer because it makes the smoothie thicker and gives a good variation of different berries. For some reason, I always put ice and frozen fruit at the bottom of my smoothie. I will then add in any fruit I can find in the house.

Smoothie Recipe No. 1 

Here, I’ve used ice cubes, 1 banana, a handful of red grapes, a handful of strawberries and one diced apple (I recommend buying an apple corer if you think you’ll add apples).


I add my liquid last, and usually fill a quarter of the beaker with water followed with a splash of almond or coconut milk and a tiny bit of apple or orange juice. The consistency of the smoothie will be thinner depending on how much liquid you add. However, because I like to add ice and frozen fruit to make it freezing cold, my smoothies are neither too thin or too thick. If you make it and feel that it’s too thick and slightly undrinkable you can always add more water and just blend it again! If you’ve made a mega thick smoothie, you could always turn it into an acai bowl and top it with fruit (similar to the one in my picture but I used milk as a base instead of a smoothie). 33869762_1685599724822275_4106629672945582080_n.jpgI have the 900 watt Nutri Ninja which is an absolute dream and there’s no limit on how much ice you can blend in it! I used to have the Morphy Richards blender which is only £19.99 and does the exact same job, but the blades are not strong enough to cut through a lot of ice or frozen fruit so you’re a bit limited. IMG_1007_FotorTo make your smoothie look more Instagrammable and pretty, you could top it with some more fruit and seeds, or like I’ve done here granola (or muesli). This Mason Jar is a mega cheap one from B&M, but you can get them everywhere now including the likes of Primark and New Look. Amazon have very pretty summery sets like these ones and these ones for quite cheap!

Smoothie Recipe No. 2

I had frozen fruit this time around so this smoothie consisted of: ice, frozen berries, banana, strawberries, purple grapes and water.


This time instead of a Mason Jar, I used a recent Costa cup that I had kept! If you keep the lid, this cup is good for on the go as it is light to carry around and can be easily recycled!

Healthy Fruit Cereal

If you haven’t already noticed, I love making my breakfast look pretty haha! Here, I have granola and milk topped with blueberries, raspberries, half a banana and some dried coconut. If you already have a bag of granola or muesli and are a perfectionist freak like me, you could always pick out selected fruit from the packet that you want to add! In the below image, I used natural greek yoghurt as a base – this is great to use because it’s low fat but also very fulling – and topped it with granola, raspberries, dried coconut, almonds and sultanas with a cup of green tea as my drink.


33867858_1685635051485409_4320326621161586688_nI hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and it’s given you some breakfast inspo! Obviously not everyone has time for this, but it’s a good Saturday breakfast or you could just make a smoothie before you leave the house and change the lid on the beaker to make it an on the go breakfast. That way, it will be quicker than eating cereal and you could even add granola or muesli into the smoothie before you blend it to keep you going until your next meal!



    1. It’s fab because it only takes about a minute to shove everything in your blender and then take it out with you if you’re pushed for time! Thanks so much, hope you enjoy your smoothies 🙂 Xx

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