Lifestyle Books You Need

Having finished uni and consequently my never ending reading list (perks of studying English) I thought it was time to purchase some books that I can read for inspiration, that can be a bit of a lifestyle guide and if nothing else, can look good in my bookshelf and in blog pictures haha! I will have a first impression blog post going up soon about books that inspire self-love and positive vibes such as ‘The Secret’ and Sarah Knights famous collection including ‘Get Your Sh*t Together’ and ‘You Do You.’ But for the moment, here are some lifestyle guides that I love and swear by. Annndd what’s more, all of them – except one – are under £10 and I’ve included links to them all incase you fancy buying any for yourself! Here’s a bit more about each book including what you can expect to find inside:

Photography & Content Creation



I didn’t buy this because I want to become Instagram famous. Having recently finished my degree, I want to combine my love for writing, photography and social media  to try and pursue a career in digital marketing and content creation/production. The cover of this caught my eye because it’s so bold and striking, but also simplistic. It’s composed of facts, statistics and tips about how to grow your Instagram follower count from the perspectives of many different social media influencers. It’s a really helpful book for learning the ins and outs of Instagram because it provides you with info about photography, hashtagging, captioning, engagement and lots more so it’s definitely worth a read if it’s something that you’re interested in. I ordered this from Wordery and it was only £6.89.




‘CAPTURE YOUR STYLE’ – Aimee SongIMG_2939_Fotor.jpg

Again, this is another Instagram/blog/photography book! Aimee Song is a renowned fashion blogger with nearly 5 million Instagram followers. She travels the world creating beautiful content for brands. In her book, she gives you so many tips about how to capture the perfect photo, how to plan an outfit, how to stand in outfit shots, what facial expressions to use… you get the idea! I also got this from Wordery and it was £9.07, plus it would make a fab coffee table book once you’ve read it.IMG_2934_Fotor.jpg

img_2935_fotor.jpgLifestyle Guide


I bought this a few years ago in Urban Outfitters in Amsterdam because I had seen it elsewhere and badly wanted to read it! Most women, (I assume- to some degree or another), aspire to be like a Parisian woman because they ooze class, sophistication and attitude, but are not afraid to break the rules and make new ones. I find this book so interesting because it states exactly what we want to hear, but in a completely different way from what we’re used to hearing! With explanations about makeup, dating, fashion, health, the gym, where to go and what to do in Paris and lots more, this is an ultimate guide to living life like a true Parisian. Because I have now read it inside out many times, this is now my go-to book when I’m taking a flat lay photo to use as an extra prop. You can get it online at Wordery for £11.29. (P.s. I think Nala wants to read it too).

IMG_2946_Fotor.jpg IMG_2949_Fotor.jpg


‘IT’ – Alexa Chung

‘LITTLE BOOK OF CHANEL’ – Emma Baxter-Wright


Both ‘IT’ (£6.57) and the ‘Little Book of Chanel’ (£8.14) are classic, must have fashion books in terms of the written content, doodles, photographs, and of course the beautiful covers.

IMG_2957_FotorIn her first ever book, Alexa Chung writes about her early style inspirations, heartbreaks, interests and struggles. It’s kind of a style guide, but not really. It’s also a kind of an autobiography, but not really. The two merge into one and I think it’s something that you will either love or hate. I personally love ‘IT’ and it will probably remain in my bookshelf for a very long time.


The ‘Little Book of Chanel’ is a mini biography which chronicles the life and legacy of Coco Chanel. The book may be small, but it’s an incredibly fascinating account of how Chanel began, evolved and revolutionised the fashion industry.

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