Byron Bay – The Best Aussie Beach Town

I think Byron Bay may just be my favourite little beach town on the planet. This is a beautifully chilled out town in northern New South Wales that has a Southern California vibe. If you ever get the chance to go, you should jump on it! Think happy hippy vibes, relaxed atmosphere, the friendliest people you will ever meet, 30km of beaches and the sun – what more could you want?

Here’s 4 reasons to love Bryon Bay:

The lighthouse views and beaches

Situated in the most Easterly point of Australia, Byron Bay’s lighthouse is one of it’s most popular tourist destinations. The views are second to none and it has the most amazing beach I’ve ever seen! We also managed to see a school of dolphins and a couples of whales because they like to travel close to the shore line. The pictures speak for themselves!









The hippy vibes

Because this town is so small, wherever you go there are infectious hippy vibes! Literally everywhere you look there are positive/ motivational quotes, street art, wall murals, and painted cars and vans. Everybody genuinely cares about the environment and the ocean! We were shopping and I asked the sales assistant for a bag because we physically couldn’t carry everything and he said “do you guys not love the Ocean? all the plastic bags end up there eventually.”









The shops  and restaurants 

We didn’t have the time to look around properly because we were only there for just under three days, but it would take a good couple of hours to get through all of the shops. There are so many amazing boho style boutiques with racks and racks of unique clothes, such as Spell that Miley Cyrus shops at. As well as this, there are interior stores, homemade jewellery shops, art galleries and much more and they are all right next to one another. There’s also an amazing range of cafes and restaurants and because it town’s so small, it only takes you about 10 minutes to stroll through it and see what you fancy!







The friendliest people and atmosphere

We booked the hostel the day we got there and ended up paying just under £50 per person for 2 nights at Backpackers Inn on the Beach which is really good considering how expensive Australia is. We were used to staying in nice hotels, so it was a completely different experience staying in a hostel with a communal bathroom and showers and with a room that literally has nothing but bunk beds, a small mirror and a safe! The staff were so lovely and accommodating though and because it’s right on the beach and the it the hostel (and town) is popular amongst young travellers, the staff played a film every night on a big projection screen outside so we could watch it from our hammocks! On the first night we went a wee midnight walk along the beach and met a group of Australian boys who came up to us and introduced themselves, gave us a beer each and invited us to join them! I honestly can’t emphasise enough how welcoming and friendly everyone is which makes being at the other side of the world from home so much easier.




Thanks so much for reading this blog post! I know this small town will probably not be at the top of everybody’s bucket list, but it’s one of those places that you just have to visit in your lifetime. Hopefully I can go back soon and for a lot longer the next time because there’s just so much to see and do.

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