Why Fiji Should Be On Your Bucket List

Fiji is everything I ever imagined it would be and more. The people are the nicest on the planet, the oceans are crystal clear and the sand is on par with that of the Caribbean. We spent just under a week here on our around the world adventure and it’s one of the places I need to visit again as soon as I possibly can.

Although it was paradise, our trip did not go to plan. We had arranged to stay on one of the islands for 5 nights (there are over 300), however due to unforeseen circumstances the hotel on the island had to be closed down. Finding this out a few days before we left to go travelling, we decided to stay on the mainland in Nadi (Viti Levu) and take a day trip to one of the islands instead. The prices to stay on the islands sky-rocketed as it was so close to our arrival date and most of the islands we looked at were fully booked. I was so disappointed and genuinely upset because living life on a little secluded island with only a few other people and chilling out with Michael was what I was probably most looking forward to.

We ended up staying at Aquarius On The Beach and the Tokatoka Resort Hotel in Nadi: if you ever go, I recommend staying in Tokatoka on your last night as it is right across from the airport and has a free shuttle bus that takes you and your luggage across. Although this was an amazing and chilled holiday, Nadi is extremely underdeveloped and can’t really be considered the true Fijian experience, for that you would have to stay on an island, island hop so you can visit different islands or do a day trip. Despite not getting to live like an islander, our time in Fiji was incredible and I will never forget it!

Here are some of the reasons visiting Fiji is an absolute must:

The beaches




These pictures were taken at Octopus Resort. It is literally paradise! The water is warm, there’s an array of colourful fish popping in and out of the water, hammocks everywhere and more coconut trees than you could count.



I thought I would put this up as a comparison. The above 2 pictures were taken outside our hotel in Nadi. Although you are waking up to the sea on your doorstep, it isn’t quite as pristine and picturesque because it’s the mainland – this is mainly a backpacking area.

The sunsets and pastel skies






The most breathtaking sunsets and sunrises I have ever seen were undoubtedly in Fiji. Imagine the most idyllic sky that meets the Pacific waters: it bursts with red, orange, yellow, pink, lilac and sometimes even deep purple hues. Time freezes in that twilight moment and you want to witness it forever.

Private island life










The day trip we chose was to Octopus Resort, booked through Awesome Adventures. All trips leave from Port Denarau Marina (first image), a beautiful tourist destination that has a Hard Rock cafe, entertainment, shops, lots of restaurants and beautiful resorts nearby. Our day trip to Octopus cost about £100 p/p, but included your boat ride to and from Nadi (second image), refreshments, an amazing selection of food, activities such as snorkelling and full access to all of the hotels facilities. When we arrived on the island in our boat, the staff members greeted us with a Fijian song, were playing guitars and handed us a cocktail – the warmest and friendliest welcome I have ever had! Most islands  in Fiji are so small and secluded it only takes about twenty minutes to walk the circumference of them. Even though there may be other people there, you feel like you’re on your own little private escape away from everything but the sun, sea and magical Fijian culture.

The Fijian people


Fijians celebrate life to the fullest extent and there is genuinely no other culture like that of Fiji. As soon as we arrived at the airport, people greeted us like they did on the islands – guitar and instruments in hand, floral shirts, massive smiles and singing us songs. Their attitude towards life is contagious. In Fiji, the word ‘Bula’ is extremely important. It literally means everything; hello, goodbye, how are you, have a good day. It is a blessing of health and happiness and is a nice all-purpose word that you can use on any occassion. In the 6 days we were there we must have heard it and said it over 250 times!

If you are planning on visiting Fiji and need any advice or recommendations don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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