Best Acne Treatment – How to Get Clear Skin Fast

Anybody who knows me well enough knows that I have been battling with acne for a long long time … I wish I was exaggerating when I say it started in primary. I have tried everything under the sun and when I was 15, a 6 month vigorous treatment of Roaccutane finally cleared my skin. It has never fully disappeared though and continues to be a recurring problem for me as a result of hormones and stress. Although it’s mostly under the skin and you can’t always see it, my acne often flares up. However, I have recently found a product free way to combat my breakouts and the results within just over a week are incredible!

After continuous visits to the doctors for them to tell my my adult acne is incurable because it is mild, I am willing to try anything to help my skin. I have tried endless products including Proactive and Dermalogica, antibiotic gels, antibiotics: you name it, I’ve tried it. I eat considerably healthy, only drink water and take amazing care of my skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising every morning and evening but it never improves. As previously mentioned, I am always up for trying new treatments, so when I came across an article on Cosmopolitan and a forum on about the skin benefits of cutting out dairy, I decided to give a dairy free diet a go.

My mum went to Sainsbury’s because they have a good ‘free from’ range, and I stocked up on almond and cashew milk, dairy free butter, yoghurts and even a cheese-spread. I’m not the biggest chocolate fan and I don’t drink milk or coffee so, initially, it wasn’t too hard to cut dairy out before I realised cheese and milk are ingredients in everrrything!


I quickly – and sadly – adapted to life without cheese and within ten days my skin had never looked better. I won’t completely deprive myself of dairy and if it’s in something I’ll eat it but I will continue to use my ‘free from’ substitutes and almond milk to hopefully prevent bad breakouts.

Here’s my before and after pictures:

skin 1 skin-2.jpg

3 days dairy free – I had just came out of the shower having exfoliated hence the redness, but you can see how many spots are under the skin as well as on the surface. I don’t get spots on my forehead or nose so I just took progression pictures of the targeted area.

skin 3 skin 4

10 days dairy free – these pictures were taken exactly a week after the above pictures. You can see how much my skin improved over the course of that week – it looks much healthier and is nowhere near as irritated.

skin 6 skin 5

17 days dairy free  – I have a lot of freckles that you can barely even see in the first pictures. As time progresses my skins natural oils give off a radiant glow and the imperfections have massively decreased.

Some days I feel so down about my skin I don’t even want to leave the house, but I’ve became a pro at applying concealer over the years. Incase anybody is wondering, the concealer I have found to be the best at hiding spots is the Nars radiant creamy concealer because it provides a thicker coverage. I use the shade ‘Custard’ when I have fake tan on or the shade ‘Vanilla’ when I’m going for a more natural look because it matches my skin tone perfectly.



I am the most self-conscious person ever when it comes to my spots, so it’s a big deal for me to post pictures of it at its worst online. But if even one person tries this out and notices a difference in their skin it will be worth it! For such a small lifestyle change I would say it is hugely beneficial – you don’t need to cut out dairy 100% as it provides important vitamins, you can just cut down and use a couple of alternatives. As you can see from my extremely quick results, going dairy free has been the best adult acne treatment I’ve came across.


  1. You are such beautiful looking not to mention talented girl I am so proud of you and I for one love almond milk yet to try cashew milk. Your stories will inspire loads of people.


  2. Hi! I, too, have been battling adult acne for 8 years now, and I will agree with you, a dairy-free life really made a difference to my skin. I was lactose intolerant to begin with but there was a phase in my life when I was drinking cappuccinos everyday and it made my acne grew worse. I now drink my coffee black but I still eat cheese once in a while. One of the most effective product I used is The Body Shop’s tea tree oil. It works miracles!


    1. Hi thanks so much for commenting! It has such a big impact on my skin, the dairy free products are just so much more expensive to buy and some of them aren’t as tasty. I’ve heard lots about that I will need to give that a go, I was hesitant about trying it because oil typically makes acne worse … I take it that the tea tree oil is a specific oil for acne prone skin? X


      1. I agree, dairy-free products are much more expensive though. Yes, tea tree oil are specific for acne. What I do is I apply a teeny tiny bit of oil onto my acne and leave the whole there the whole day and/or night. I don’t over use though because it can “burn” the acne, which can result to a darker scar. (PS, your site is so pretty).


      2. That sounds amazing I will need to give that a try, thanks very much for the recommendation! I’m currently using Mario Badescu’s ‘Drying Lotion’ which you put onto each spot with a cotton bud and leave on overnight and it completely dries the spot out. Thank you so much yours is amazing too!!


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