How to Book an Around the World Flight

Since booking our around the world flight ticket in October 2016 for our 2017 adventure,  I have been asked many times how we planned and booked it. Whether you wish to travel around the one country, a continent or even the world this post should hopefully guide you in the right direction.

Me and Michael have always wanted to travel and see as much of the world as possible but didn’t know how to go about booking it. Although different airways sometimes offer multi-stop flights with layovers, the routes and destinations are often very limited. Having had no luck finding a good deal, Michael suggested visiting STA Travel – a travel agent that specialises in global travel. Although you don’t have to be a student to book with them, they class themselves as the ‘world’s leading student travel company’ for their insanely good deals and price beat guarantee.

STA Travel offer a multitude of different routes such as ‘The Big Dozen’‘Fly South for the Winter’ and ‘The Sweet As’. These routes are not set-in-stone and can be changed about, allowing you to add or remove destinations. However, if you already have a plan – or even an idea – of specific places you want to visit, you can create your own customised around the world trip (we did this). In order to book with STA Travel, you first need a consultation which can be done via phone call or a visit to one of their stores. Having a rough idea of where we wanted to go during our trip helped a lot when we visited the store as our consultant was able to put together an estimated itinerary and price right away. Also, if you book an in-store appointment you get £30 off the total cost of your flights.

To get an idea of a possible around the world itinerary, our flights are as follows:

Glasgow – Dubai – Hong Kong – Bangkok then we will get an overnight train to Haad Rin, then stay in Koh Phanghan and Koh Samui – Singapore – Gold Coast (we are going to hire a car and have a 7 day road trip to Sydney where our next flight departs) – Figi – Auckland – Los Angeles* – London – Glasgow

*we booked our own internal return flights from LA to Vegas


Our flights were £1550pp, and although it may seem expensive at first glance, it’s an insanely good price for how many places we are visiting. An added bonus is that 3 of our flights are with Emirates and 3 are with Air New Zealand – both of which are excellent airlines. Flights only have a £49 deposit and you don’t need to pay the full amount until up to 10 weeks before your trip which is advantegous when trying to save! Another extra bonus of booking with STA Travel is their Multiflex flight pass. Starting at £29, this pass allows you to change the date of your flight online and is convenient if you are seeking a long-term spontaneous/ unplanned trip. It will also be beneficial if you completely fall in love with a destination and want to stay longer without having to pay an additional airline fee.

If you are travelling alone but wanting to join a group of other travellers, STA Travel offers a wide range of tours, alongside volunteering opportunities, and opportunities to work abroad. The travel experts that work at STA Travel are travellers themselves, enabling them to provide helpful tips regarding where to stay – locations, hotels and regions – in terms of what you want from your experience. They know all of the top party spots for travellers and where the popular tourist destinations are, as well as the quieter secluded spots. They can also recommend things such as the best type of transport to get about if you are travelling internally within the one country.

Although STA Travel do offer to book your accommodation, we opted to book our own as I’m a bit of an organisation freak and like to extensively research things! Aside from that, they have taken care of everything (including visas) and have turned our dream to travel the world into a reality.

I know it can be a bit daunting at first and seems like information overload, but as soon as everything is booked you can start planning activities, think about what to do in each destination and plan your outfits etc – the fun part!! If you would like to know anything else please leave me a comment or email me!


  1. Well done you and this is great information especially as you sas someone like me is hopeless at all this stuff
    I look forward to reading all your stuff especiially wen you do travel xx


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